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David Moscow, the actor, adventurer, and first-time author, was part of one of the most enjoyable campaigns I've had the pleasure to work on. The challenge with his campaign was unique: David required a brand that could build upon the existing creative direction for his TV series in development, titled "From Scratch." The book not only aimed to recount his adventurous tales from remote corners of the world but also served as a companion to the show, establishing a platform to expand his ever-growing "From Scratch" brand. Keeping this in mind, the initial brainstorming focused on the hands-on adventure aspect of his story but later evolved into a contemporary vision intertwining travel and culinary experiences. As David's campaign progressed, I created numerous promotional videos utilizing clips from his TV series and custom animations, breathing life into elements of his brand.

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Initial Brand Ideation:

Second Brand Ideation:

From Scratch book video promo:

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