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Scott K. Edinger, an author and the proprietor of Edinger Consulting, a business consultancy, was a client with BookHighlight in 2023. He required a company rebrand alongside a marketing campaign for his new book, "The Growth Leader." Assigned the task of constructing Scott’s new brand identity, I worked on a conceptual idea to communicate his expertise to his high-end consulting audience. With this goal in mind, I developed a new wordmark subtly referencing a bird’s-eye view of a chessboard, symbolizing his strategic approach and expert insights. Additionally, I incorporated growth lines into the logo design to connect it with his book cover.

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Initial Wordmark Sketches:

Final Wordmark:

Brand Guide:

Our creative team shot video for Scott in our studio. During the shoot, I was responsible for camera B, post-production video editing, color grading, and motion graphics. 

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