Boston University, 2019
Source: 99% Invisible, Episode 284

This poster booklet is inspired by the podcast 99% Invisible. I chose this particular podcast, "Hero Props" because it aligned with my interest in the versatility of graphic design as it relates to the film industry. Annie Atkins was the main subject in focus as the podcast guided the listener through her triumphs and struggles as a graphic prop designer in popular movies like "The Grand Budapest Hotel" directed by Wes Anderson, and "Bridge of Spies" directed by Steven Spielberg.

My goal with this poster booklet was to keep the theme of a "Hero Prop" by making the booklet a prop itself. To achieve this, I added multiple layers of interactivity from the outside packaging that is tied up with a blue ribbon (a nod to Mendl's boxes from Grand Budapest) to the unfolding of the inner booklets to reveal movie posters. The typography varies in each booklet to reflect the visual language of each corresponding movie.

The newspaper cover contains the full transcript of the podcast.

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