Boston University, 2019

This book is an organized collection of art, literature, film, and other influences that helped me refine my thesis idea and later craft the exhibition. My main goal for this book was to create a visual system that would strengthen the sci-fi concept that all of my influences speak to. The outside cover features my silk screen print from 2019 called, “BOW DOWN” (the binary message from top to bottom).

Star Wars, the Matrix, and Planet of the Apes were all movies that captured my adolescent imagination while they played on a loop in the background of my childhood. When you’re young it’s difficult to understand the impact that such films have on society at large, but since rewatching my old sci-fi film favorites, I've gained insight into the genre. The wonder of uncharted planets, advanced technology, and dystopian futures has only grown more relevant (and terrifying) as we close the gap between fantasy and reality. Technology that we thought was impossible in the '80s or '90s can now be enjoyed instantly at our fingertips, and our communities are experiencing an age of hyper-connectivity.

In this book, I explore all aspects of the sci-fi genre from pure "fantasy" in movies such as I-Robot or Ex Machina to the area where sci-fi bleeds into reality with artificial intelligence and ethics. I am interested in the elements of sci-fi fantasy that carry into reality with technological initiatives like Sophia the robot.


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